Kids Blue Light Cancelling Glasses.Black

Kids Blue Light Cancelling Glasses.Black


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These unisex design Blue Light Cancelling Glasses for Kids are an inexpensive¬† and stylish way to protect children’s eyes from exposure to blue light. They have no prescription in the lens and are available in 3 colours.

Blue light from screens is harmful to eyesight, especially for the youngest children: their eye lens is much more sensitive to the harmful rays of this light, which leads to multiple disorders as well as permanent damage to the retina (and therefore to vision).
In addition to the risks normally associated with exposure to blue light (migraine, visual fatigue, AMD, etc.), other dangers are increasingly being highlighted among young people.
LED backlighting on so many screens is at fault here, because of its blue light emissions.
Screen-based learning at school, iPad games at home, cartoons, video games… screens are now an intrinsic part of our children’s lives. It is therefore important to protect children’s eyes with appropriate blue-light glasses.



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